HFI software is used with HFI hardware solutions (MM-A112, optional cards, RFID readers, ...) to add new features to a professional radio network:

  • safety management of lone workers
  • indoor / outdoor location
  • guard tour
  • building management alarms
  • etc ...


Indoor/outdoor localization and guard tour


Indoor/Outdoor localization and Guard Tour management

To be used with a H-MM-A112 module (IP interface to the radio network)

Can be used as an additional software for a MikadoLT alarm reporting system



GEOGUARDTOUR-SUPP is used in addition

Extended support including full configuration
and testing of the customer system (plans, points,
tags, messages, ...)

More information:

Download the datasheet: GEOGUARD-TOUR

GeoGuardTour Datasheet

HFI Haute fréquence ingénierie : Lone worker safety, Alarm radio reporting with speech message, radio interface, intercom / radio, telephone radio interworking, radio remote control, guard tour, car park – industrial sites
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